Coach Kandee – Owner/Founder

ACE Certified Trainer
STOTT Pilates Certified Trainer
NANBF/NGA/DFAC Figure, Bikini, Bodybuilding Judge

I have been passionate about fitness and athletic competition my whole life….from starting dance and gymnastics at age 2, to playing volleyball, basketball (yes, all 5’ of me!), track and softball in high school, to then trying something completely different and becoming a collegiate cheerleader at Iowa State University. Even after graduating with a degree in Accounting and becoming a CPA, I found myself still immersed in health and fitness. I taught Group Fitness classes and Personal Training during lunch and after work. I spent many weekends attending trainings and certifications, in my quest to learn anything and everything “fitness”. It became so much of a focus in my life, that after years of climbing the corporate ladder, I took a leap of faith and left the security of a career I had built for 10 years to find a position, where I could spend even more time sharing my love of fitness & health with others. It was a risk, BUT it was the best decision I ever made, to pursue my passion.

Coach JennyB – Nutrition Coach

Precision Nutrition Certified | NGA Bikini Pro

Jenny becomes friends with everyone she meets. I obviously liked her right away, when I found out she was a fellow Iowa State University grad. But more than that, she is genuinely one of the kindest people you will ever meet, and has a passion for helping others find the best version of themselves. She is a mother of two, who has endless energy and accomplishes more by 10am than most people do all day. She specializes in educating clients how to a make a healthy lifestyle work for them. She takes the time to get to know each client individually, and then helps them develop a plan based on their personality, life demands, and food preferences, so they can maintain life balance and a healthy mindset for life. She was once an avid runner and light dumbbell lifter, who transformed into a bikini competitor and powerlifter, through minimal cardio and heavy weights. I am honored, that I was her coach when she earned her NGA bikini pro card, in her first competition season. She is one of the hardest workers I know. In addition to competing in bikini competitions, she has expanded her competitions to powerlifting meets. She’s a self-proclaimed macro guru, who enjoys coaching clients through easy meal planning, macro counting, and nutrient timing. Time and time again, she empowers clients to make mindful choices showing them they can live, love, and enjoy life while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you follow the Guns N Poses Facebook page, you will see that Jenny loves developing easy, tasty recipes for the GNP family.

Coach B$ (Bridget) – Training Coach

NASCM Certified Trainer | NGA Figure Pro

As her nickname “B$” implies, Bridget is someone who is successful at whatever she sets out to achieve. Her focused demeanor can sometimes trick you into thinking she has a “quiet” personality. That perception changes fast, when her quick wit and outgoing personality have you laughing hysterically. I love that she never takes herself too seriously, as her Facebook and Instagram posts showcase. She is a powerhouse in the weight room, and gives that same energy and intensity to the clients she trains. She is a graduate of the University of Northern Iowa, who had no idea at graduation that she would one day pursue a career in the health and fitness industry. Before I knew Bridget, I would see her working out at the gym and would think to myself “that girl needs to compete”. Funny how life happens and not long after, she contacted me and expressed interest in competing, in a figure competition. She earned her NGA figure Pro Card in her first competitive season. Her passion to build her own body and achieve her personal goals, turned into a desire to help others achieve their own successes. She earned her NASCM Personal Training certification and has expanded her fitness arena to competitive powerlifting. She not only specializes in developing individualized training programs, but is also the GNP team lifting technique expert. Her workout plans will sometimes cause you to want to dislike her for short periods of time…until you notice the changes that are happening in your physique…and then you love her all over again.

Coach Ashley G – Group Training Coach

Precision Nutrition Certified | NGA Bikini Pro

Ashley is SUPER Mom, SUPER wife, SUPER client, SUPER coach, SUPER athlete…basically, she’s SUPER AWESOME! She is one of those people, who is always juggling many balls in the air at once…and doing it with a smile. She is one of the most positive, upbeat and goal-driven people I know. Ashley was a collegiate soccer player, which is not surprising, when you see her powerful legs…dem quads!?!? She has a background in group fitness, personal training, fitness management & was even a volunteer fire fighter and EMT…until she was promoted to the role of “Mom” and was fortunate enough to get to stay home with her babies. She still facilitates CPR classes, and often blogs about her Fit Mom fitness journey ( Ashley joined GNP as a client in 2015. Once I found out she was ready to get back to sharing her love of fitness with others, I knew we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have her share that love here with the GNP family. As a client, she fully embraced our GNP philosophies. There were many days she wanted to “speed up the process”, but she stayed the course, and can now attest that slow and steady progress will add up quicker than you might think…and it’s SUSTAINABLE. She’s also known for sharing her extremely yummy macro-friendly recipes with the rest of the team. As a coach, she is SUPER excited to share her passion for a HEALTHY and BALANCED lifestyle with YOU…and lucky for us, this means even more recipes coming our way!